It’s October…

October. One of my favorite months.

As I’ve said before, I am a Fall baby through and through. You know, the scarves – wink wink. As I was getting the remainder of my belongings out of my mom’s house recently, I found that I have SIX BINS of Halloween decorations. SIX. Not only is six the sign of the devil, but I can’t believe no one stopped me from buying all that. I had a Halloween party one year which I was really excited about, and Party City is 5 minutes from my work, so I spent many a lunch time looking for ghouls and goblins. Nonetheless, I do enjoy this holiday and thought I would run through some of my costumes from years past with you.

2018 – Trolls

My friends, Matt and Lauren, and I love to dress up for Halloween together. We attend an annual Halloween party (I finally got the official invite myself this year rather than tagging along <3) where costumes matter. There are tons of prizes and gift cards for winners so each year we get better and better. Last year, we were trolls. We won third place!

You don’t understand how vulnerable it is to wear nude spandex.

This was the year I had my Halloween party since the one we usually go to was taking a year off. I decided I wanted to be a white walker thing from Game of Thrones. I got a cute body suit that had an ice skeleton on it. I ended up being a fat ice skeleton wearing a lot of eye make up. It didn’t work out the way I planned.

That beer went right through me! Ba-dum-ch! Anyone who’s thigh bone melts into the pelvis bone should not be wearing a skeleton body suit.

This was the first year I attended the Halloween party with Matt and Lauren. We wanted to be punny. I was jobless at the time so I had A LOT of time on my hands to make my costume. I was Taco Belle, Lauren was Dairy Queen, and Matt was Burger King – I am starting to understand why the following year I was a fat skeleton. We didn’t win anything and in fact, everyone asked what we were.

All tacos pictured were made by yours truly.
College years through 2015

The few years prior I just wore a cheetah pajama onesie and called it a day. My favorite costume was in college when I was a Facebook friend request. My best friend, Anne, went as a cupcake. Here we are:

Her hair was the cherry on top.
This year

I never was one to be anything slutty for Halloween (except in high school when I was just an actual slut). This year, we are determined to win the costume contest at the Halloween party. So instead of being something punny, we are going to embrace Halloween and be full on demonic “clergy”, as Matt would say. Really, we are going to be demonic nuns – think, “The Nun” movie. But I don’t think Matt can be admitted into a clergy as a nun, so we will just be a collective clergy. Can’t wait to show you so we can haunt your dreams forever.


Yes, demonic nuns wear New Balances… we need to be comfortable, too.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet and return next week with something a little more spicy for you.

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