Hi, I’m Abby.

Here’s a picture from a hike I did once!

A lot of people like to ask, “what are your hobbies?” I find this question to be super awkward. Not only is a stranger asking me what I do in my personal life, but then I have to think of the things I like to do that aren’t weird to say to someone. Sorry to say, I am not a hiker, a yoga enthusiast, I don’t like to try craft beers and I travel maybe once every few years. What I really want to tell people is that I really like eating and spending money on things I shouldn’t be spending my money on. I like sitting on the couch and not talking to people. I like to nap. I really enjoy singing in the car. I like to browse the internet for inspiration for projects I am never going to do. I love HGTV and redesigning the decor in my house. I like to talk about sex (I can’t say “have” because my mom might read this). I like to drink a whole bottle of wine by myself sometimes. I like to take on more than I can handle and then losing enthusiasm for things after a year. If I don’t have plans with other humans, then I like to sit on my ass, eat snacks, and watch porn. But society doesn’t let people say these things to strangers. So instead, I’ll let the whole internet know who I am and hopefully open the door for those who are uncomfortable being themselves.

This blog will dive into my insights about life, relationships, and style with a pinch of humor. Let’s talk about the spicier side of life. Thanks for coming on this ride with me!

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